Hosted by

Dave Moss

Scott Page

Stephen Perkins

Kenny Olson

Norwood Fisher

Sheila Conlin


Marc Geiger

Kenny Aronoff

Peter Shapiro

Nikki Glaspie

Tony Braunagel

Kenny Gradney

Bob Forrest

Liz Tallent

Jeff Santiago

Bill Payne


Colt Clark & The Quarantine Kids

Tommy Chong

Jon Phillips

Will Dog

Leland Sklar

Kenny Lee Lewis

Stephen Sternschein

Angelo Moore

Blake Neeley

Richard Gibbs

Derrick Floyd

Peter Keys

Robert Vargas

Fred Tackett

Greg Bissonette

Vernon Reid

Jeremy Ian Thomas

Todd Christiansen


Darrin Pfeiffer

Barbara Holliday

Larkin Poe

Michael Weintrob

Amlak Trafari

Mike Keneally

Art Alexakis

Eric McFadden

Kate Vargas

The Rock N’ Talk Show – “Beyond Backstage” your backstage connection is a live streaming talk show created by Think:X: Scott Page, Norwood Fisher, Stephen Perkins, Kenny Olson and Sheila Conlin, along with David Moss, who had been working tirelessly in creating live, streaming and music driven charity events in the music industry prior to Covid. In March 2020, it started with a group Zoom call to check in with everyone and from there it blossomed into – Hey! Let’s produce a talk show, invite fellow musicians and friends – just like being “backstage” again.

The Rock N’ Talk Show, “Beyond Backstage” promises to deliver entertaining and informative guests in the world of music and beyond. The Think:X (legendary musicians from Fishbone, Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction and Kid Rock’s TBT Band), Sheila Conlin (The Conlin Company) and David Moss (From The Earth and Watts Conservatory of Music) bring years of making music to the show. It’s a combination of never before been told stories from the road and shared experiences with our guests that will have you laughing out loud. The Rock N’ Talk Show also makes good on the latest news and updates from leading experts about the future and shape of the entertainment industry as we navigate story-telling and live performances through new streaming technology to reach audiences worldwide.

The Rock N’ Talk Show: “Beyond Backstage” is a bi-weekly live streaming talk show about Music — the business of it, the culture around it and everything in between. The Rock N’ Talk Show brings you passionate, intelligent and socially conscious conversations, impactful interviews with music industry experts and guest musicians. Tune in weekly to hear the latest news in music, iconic road stories from your favorite rock stars and artists, live performances and a whole lotta good time fun.

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